Paragon Couture

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Beautiful yellow gold medallion pendant with sapphire and diamond evil eye on a paperclip chain. Visit Del Haven Jewelers at 140 Peoples Plaza, Newark, Delaware.


“At Paragon Couture Group we consider each of our handcrafted creations to encapsulate certain emotions of love, commitment, and remembrance. Our mission in creating every piece is to provide the visual appeal and craftmanship that evokes, conveys, and reinforces those emotions.

Our designs go through painstaking revisions going over the smallest details to ensure that the every element of the design follows the overall concept of the piece.

Our craftsmanship goes through microscopic examination at every step of the process in order to ensure the highest level of handcrafting perfection in every piece.

The cornerstone of our growth is our commitment to U.S craftsmanship and design. Our State of the art domestic design and manufacturing facility allows us to produce luxurious jewelry proudly and cost effectively in the United States and dramatically reduces our response time to our customers special order needs.

Paragon Couture Group’s namesake brands are showcased by over 600 of the most prestigious jewelry stores around the country. Our brands offer luxurious and yet affordable elegance and every piece is handcrafted to provide a lifetime of enjoyment”.