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Ti Sento

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Lilian van Zuylen head of Design and Art Director of Ti Sento jewelry. Sterling silver jewelry made by Goldsmiths. Del Haven Jewelers has a large selection in their shop at 140 Peoples Plaza, Newark, Delaware 19702.



Inspired by CLASSIC SHAPES, but never old-fashioned. Created for a LIFETIME AND BEYOND, but never out of style. This is TI SENTO. CLASSIC jewelry items with a MODERN twist.

With on one hand a never-out-of-style ICONIC COLLECTION, and on the other hand, our always refreshing SEASONAL STATEMENT ITEMS, we combine the classic with the modern. We believe that classic items are here to stay – but adding a modern touch is how we make it personal.

Lilian van Zuylen, CCO at TI SENTO, reshaped the way we look at jewelry. More than twenty years ago, chic investment pieces were reserved for upper-class ladies. Once TI SENTO started doing things differently, the label proved all doubters wrong. Always drawn to the artistic culture, arts continue to inspire her today. The contemporary traits of the designs derive directly from her admiration of the modern arts. However, the base inspiration of the brand’s creations are always a reflection of classic shapes and art. TI SENTO designs are immediately recognizable by their mix of classic shapes with modern twists and feminine energy.

 Attention to detail, stones set by hand, high-quality materials are at the core of each and every jewelry piece. Almost twenty years ago, TI SENTO reshaped the way we look at jewelry. Jewelry is there to be enjoyed, to be worn according to your own rules and style. Once upon a time, gold was the only metal worthy of the most prestigious craftsmanship. Our designers were the first to bring gold standards to silver jewelry; the first to give silver the love and attention it deserved. Silver was finally molded, caressed, and shaped to the highest goldsmith standards.