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Steven Douglas

Steven Biggs was born and raised in the coastal suburbs of Southern California where he enjoyed surfing and hiking the scenic bluffs and rolling hills. Steve’s deep-rooted love for the fine arts led him to the study of ceramics which he practiced for many years. Steve soon discovered that he had a passion for jewelry. Ultimately, the ocean and the great outdoors inspired the birth of the Steven Douglas Company which Steve founded in 1988.

The typical Steven Douglas Design involves at least 40 hours of old-world craftsmanship without the aid of computer technology. The highest-quality metals and materials are utilized, classic 14K gold and sterling silver. The highest-quality pearls are selected for cleanliness and luster, the finest gemstones are selected for rich color, outstanding cut, and clarity. The final piece is a work of art that is three-dimensional, interpretive sentimental, and collectible.